How to Manage Tear Stains in Dogs

Are you fighting tear stains on your white or light canine? As an expert groomer, I see numerous, numerous dogs that show unattractive tear stains as well as beard stains. In enhancement, a few of these dogs are also blemishing their feet, legs as well as body with the saliva they leave on their hair from licking as well as eating.

Possible Causes of Tear Stains

Staining is typically of a red shade as well as in some cases releases a smell. It is essential to effort to figure out the root cause of the discoloration. Some feasible reasons are:

* hereditary tendency

* high mineral material in alcohol consumption water

* eye infection

* ear infection

* annoying eyelashes or hair that scrub versus the eye

* yeast infection (from the location around the eye continuing to be damp)

* obstructed tear air ducts

* diet regimen

* bloodsuckers such as fleas as well as termites

* allergic reactions

You need to seek advice from your vet or groomer to attempt to limit the prospective root cause of the tear discoloration. Once you have actually dismissed a few of the noticeable clinical problems such as infections, added eyelashes, as well as obstructed tear air ducts, you will certainly be able to attend to the problems that you might well have control over.

If your canine is experiencing ear inflammation or infection, there is a high occurrence of the infection totally going through their body as well as resulting in numerous problems throughout. Many dogs we see that have tear discoloration are likewise influenced with internal ear infections. So make sure to validate that your canine’s ears are tidy as well as devoid of infection. Your veterinarian will certainly suggest the suitable ear goes down and/or prescription antibiotics. You will certainly have to be persistent in dealing with the ears as recommended in order to ease the problem.


Dog proprietors require to assess the food they are feeding to their animals as well as make sure that they are making use of a top quality canine food that is not widespread with sugar, salt, chemicals as well as chemicals. If you are feeding tinned food to your canine, think about presenting a top quality completely dry food to give ideal nourishment.

The following product to look carefully at is the water that your canine beverages. Tap water can be high in minerals as well as well water can be high in different products such as copper as well as iron which might add to the tear discoloration. A preferred tip since late is to train your canine to beverage from a canteen (hence stopping high-mineral water from resting on the layer). Another suggestion it to make use of pure water.

There are numerous items presently on the marketplace that address the tear discoloration trouble. Many of these items have a percent of antibiotic. Unless you are particularly managing an infection in your canine’s eyes or ears, it would certainly be smart to review the implications of prolonged antibiotic use with your vet.


There are 2 feasible services to tear discoloration that can conveniently be carried out. The initially is to include a percentage of white vinegar (1 tsp) to your family pet’s water. Start with a smaller sized quantity in the water up until your family pet can change to the preference. The vinegar transforms the pH of the water.

Secondly, consist of a 1/2 tsp of lotion cheese (yes, like Philadelphia brand name) in your canine’s food or as a reward daily. Customers that have actually attempted this approach have actually located that the tear tarnishing cleared in 3 to 4 weeks.

In any type of occasion, please consult your veterinarian to dismiss any type of clinical problems, allergic reactions or infections that might be creating the tear discoloration in your canine. Once you have actually dismissed those opportunities, you can attend to the various other choices. Always seek advice from your vet when attempting a brand-new routine.

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