Puppy Behavior 16 – 19 Weeks Old

There are numerous adjustments that a puppy might experience throughout puppy growth. In this write-up we will certainly note as well as define several of the adjustments in your puppy’s behavior from 16 weeks as much as the age of 19 weeks.

At this factor throughout puppy growth you require to be attentive as well as keep in mind that this is the factor where he holds a mad young adult. You might have believed that you have actually observed all the feasible behavior issues in the earlier phases of your puppy’s life, however if you do not maintain your puppy under rigorous guidance you might begin to see various other issues materializing.

Puppy Behavior – 16 – 19 weeks

A detailed Guide of What you Should Expect

  • Your puppy might reveal various sides to his personality. He possibly pleasant as well as well acted one min and afterwards the following min he possibly fairly oblivious as well as disregard your training commands(*16 *).
  • Your puppy is revealing the typical features of a young adult as he thinks that he is all matured as well as a grown-up – however actually he is still just a child.(*16 *).
  • You might see your puppy showing worried behavior, hostility as well as supremacy problems.(*16 *).
  • Depending on your type of pet dog – the hereditary proneness might begin to reveal with – do some research study on the type that you have.(*16 *).
  • Keep an eye on any kind of afraid behavior. You might see your puppy escaping from what he views as frightening. Of training course you must safeguard him from any kind of real threats – however do not more than safety. If you are frequently choosing him up – he will certainly begin to think that he has a factor to be terrified – by choosing your puppy up as well as coddling him you are enhancing his adverse reaction.(*16 *).
  • Although your puppy is imitating a young adult he will certainly likewise begin to bond with you as well as various other family members.(*16 *).
  • Your puppy might begin to eat products around the House – he is primarily testing any kind of authority by doing this.(*16 *).
  • Expect your puppy’ s behavior to truly begin examining you. You might begin to see residence training problems with your puppy having crashes around the House.(*16 *).
  • Watch out for stress and anxiety based issues – barking, splitting up stress and anxiety as well as barking can show up at this phase in your puppy; s life.(*16 *).
  • You might also see food hostility. If you have a well experienced puppy – you must have the ability to grab your puppy’s food, rest in his bed linens as well as anything that verifies your standing within the pack without your puppy revealing any kind of hostility.(*16 *).
  • Continue to be constant in every facet of your training program.(*16 *).
  • You must begin training your puppy standard commands – you will certainly require to begin allowing him off the chain quickly.(*16 *).
  • Some individuals really feel that puppy training courses is confessing failing. This is much from the fact as they are a terrific means to ask various other proprietors concerns, obtain accessibility to a pet instructor, as well as mingle your puppy with various other pets of differing types, sexes as well as dimensions.(*16 *).
  • Your puppy ought to be wormed once more throughout this duration,(*16 *).
  • It is very important that your puppy is likewise looked for fleas.(*16 *).
  • Expect several of your puppy’s teeth to after effects – do not stress they are the milk teeth as well as will certainly quickly be changed by grown-up teeth.(*16 *).


Puppy Behavior 16 – 19 weeks – Watch out for Separation Anxiety or Over Attachment.

  • It is very important that you educate your puppy to obtain utilized to you not being around – this will certainly assist with any kind of splitting up stress and anxiety issues or over add-on – Start by leaving your puppy on his very own for 15 mins or perhaps disregard him.(*16 *).
  • Get your puppy utilized to being left on his very own for amount of times (place him in his cage though.)(*16 *).
  • It is very important that your puppy does not link you leaving the House i.e. when you most likely to deal with you constantly being far from the House for extended periods.(*16 *).
  • Leave the House for routine minutes throughout the day – so you puppy does not begin to link you leaving the House with him being left on his very own for extended periods.(*16 *).
  • Don’t make a large bargain regarding leaving the House i.e. do not obtain him truly thrilled or jangle the auto secrets. Make it issue of truth as well as simply leave.(*16 *).

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