The Dop – The Dogs Only Party – How to Elect a Dog to the Presidency

There are some actual benefits to operating a canine for president. It would assist, in fact, if the canine was a governor, or no less than a senator first, however we might make a case for an all-American widespread mongrel. People like strays. Everyone is aware of that canines are actually good runners, so that claims all of it. They do not care a lot which route there are operating in so the celebration can simply let it off the leash and it’ll run towards the nearest reward.

One profit of getting a canine in the White House is that it might certainly bark a lot which might scare the nation’s enemies and the canine would assault and chew any perceived risk no matter actuality.

Dogs might be educated to do nearly something. The celebration can run the canine so to communicate and the canine can run the nation. And the world I suppose.

I can see some considerations about press conferences and addresses to congress however nobody aside from journalists hear to them anyway. The nation would save a lot on speech writers and fertilizer for the White House garden.

Strategists would wish to think about potential challenges from the cat celebration, the Democats. But they’re typically poorly organized and stuffed with hairballs so most likely will not pose a huge opposition. Besides, voters don’t desire a president that purrs and throws up a lot.

Oh, certain, there can be ‘wag the canine’ jokes however each president has to put up with such unkindness from the press and media. It’s the curse of service to one’s nation. Semper fi.

The cupboard ought to fall into line pretty simply. It will not be arduous to discover applicable canines for the varied jobs: Secretary of State would, in fact be a poodle, Secretary of Defense can be a Doberman or possibly a Rotweiler, relying on the temper of the populace. Health and Human Services: Cocker Spaniel? Interior: St. Bernard. Border Collie would have an apparent function. The financial system? Rat Terrier? It goes on.

We have not talked about the vice-presidency. Maybe there’s a coyote out there. Then there’ll come Supreme Court nominees. That may very well be a drawback. Toto from Kansas would argue properly however could not stick to the celebration line, too impartial. A Great Dane has a sure demeanor and is actually suitably huge, seems good in a gown. Chihuahua would not fairly have the chutzpah. Maybe a Spitz or a chow-chow will do. Purple tongue has sure grandeur.

It pays to take note of the enchantment of the first girl. Has to be a collie or a Shitzu. Press secretary wants to be a canine of the individuals who can appear distant and pleasant at the identical time. Labrador. It’s these eyes that get you.

Yes, I believe the Dog Party has the subsequent election sewed up. Need to have a slogan: “I would like your pants”. No, that brings up all kinds of issues. “Sniff my…” no, no, no. “Prick up your ears..” This will not be going properly. “We’re quantity woof!” okay that’ll do it.

See you in the canine home.

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