Training Coon Hounds – How Can I Break My Coon Dogs From Slick Treeing?

A typical trouble when training coon hounds today is that of slick treeing or making trees that are vacant. However, I am mosting likely to offer you some suggestions I’ve utilized to break coon dogs from slick treeing. For newbies, you require to understand your coon pet. What I mean is that you require to understand how your dog will certainly respond to penalty.

If you have a shy coon dog after that please continue very carefully. With coon dogs that have this kind of character I will typically simply entirely neglect them when they slick tree. I will just approach the tree as well as chain them without claiming a word. I will certainly after that look the tree for a raccoon. If it is apparent the tree is slick after that I will certainly simply obtained unknot the pet as well as bow out the tree. The most scolding I will certainly do to this pet may be an extreme word.

However, for this technique to function you need to do the contrary when they carry out in reality tree a raccoon. But constantly approach them in the exact same tranquil fashion at each tree. Walk up chain them as well as connect them back. After you locate a coon, you can unknot the pet, yet maintain it leashed, as well as allow them come back on the tree. Once they are back on the tree treeing after that pet them up as well as make use of a motivating tone to allow them understand that you are applauding them.

If you have a hardheaded kind of coon dog after that you will certainly require to take a various even more straight technique. This additionally deals with older dogs that require a song up. From my experience, young coon hounds will certainly commonly attempt to be “careless” as well as may try to find a simple escape such as bring up short since the track reached difficult to function. These coon hounds simply require a little suggestion in some cases. I advise you coming close to the dog equally as pointed out previously. After you have actually determined that the tree is vacant locate you a great button. You can additionally make use of an added chain if you make use of just the natural leather component, do not strike a coon pet with the chain. Give them a couple of swats as well as some strict “no’s” and after that right away stroll them far from the tree as well as modify them.

For this technique to be reliable you require to make them tree a coon. You wish to have the ability to commend them. Eventually they will certainly understand it is far better as well as simpler for every person if they simply attempt to have the coon when they tree. Keep in mind that no pet can ever before be 100% exact at treeing coons. If you coon hounds are constantly treeing coons over 70% of the moment after that you are doing excellent. I have actually had some coon hounds that essentially appeared to never ever miss out on a raccoon while others were close to fifty- fifty or even worse.

I need to additionally state that families have a tendency to affect the slick treeing some also. I’ve been lucky to possess a few of both so I can talk from experience. However, I highly really feel that practically any kind of coon dog can be educated to minimize their slick trees. So I wish these suggestions will certainly aid you while training your coon hounds.

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